Tips On Opening Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning

What are you doing this weekend? Did you have big plans but cancelled them at the last second once you took a look around your home and realized that you can’t put off cleaning up any longer? You shouldn’t have to choose between having a good time with your free time and having a clean home to relax in.

reliable and professional cleaners have received extensive training to make sure that they apply the proper techniques to make your home more sanitary, hygienic and healthy than ever before. Meeting your expectations isn’t good enough

Cleaning That Works for Your Schedule

One of the biggest reasons people in the area pursue our residential cleaning services is because they don’t have time to provide their homes with the thorough, sanitizing cleans they require to improve their home’s esthetics, indoor air quality and overall health

If you had the time, there’s no question that you would disinfect every surface on a regular basis so that the risk of getting sick is next to nothing. Unfortunately, your schedule doesn’t allow you to provide the thorough cleans needed to get rid of harmful bacteria.

Eco-Friendly Options

Another reason our professional cleaners can be such an asset to area home owner is their knowledge of the best products and techniques to get the job done right. How many times have you found yourself at the store staring at all the various cleaning products not having any idea of how they differ? This goes away with our professional home cleaners working on your behalf.


What items are included in a basic house cleaning?

Professional house cleaner usually include the following in their basic procedures

Whole House


Remove cobwebs

Vacuum all carpets

Change sheets if needed

Dust ceiling fans

Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

Wipe window sills Clean glass doors

Clean prints on windows/doors

Remove all garbage

Reline waste baskets Wash all floors

Disinfect tv remotes, phones, computer keyboards and mouse

In The Bathrooms

Clean/sanitize sinks

Clean/sanitize tubs, shower, toilet

Clean mirrors

Dust light fixtures and bulbs

Wash Floors

In The Kitchen

Clean all counter tops

Clean inside/outside microwave

Wipe down cabinet facings

Clean all appliances outside

Polish stainless steel appliances

Clean glass doors

Clean/sanitize/polish sinks

Wash floors

Proficient housekeeper for the most part remember the accompanying for their essential methodology. Entire House. Cleaning. Evacuate webs. Vacuum all rugs. Wash bed covers if necessary. Residue roof fans. … In The Bathrooms. Clean/sterilize sinks. Clean/sterilize tubs, shower, latrine. Clean mirrors. Residue light installations and bulbs.


Things Your Cleaning Service Won’t Tell You

“We’re as good as our word. And that’s not good.”

The typical American who cleans his own home spends 10 hours a month doing so, according to a 2003 study by Vileda, an Illinois cleaning-supplies maker. Apparently, for many folks, that’s too much time

“We’re more about a quick clean than a good one . . .”

In an effort to hit several houses in one day, many housekeepers move through homes like whirling dervishes. That can lead to inattention to detail, loss of property — or just plain bad cleaning.

“. . . that is, if our workers even know how to clean.”

Since she works 60-hour weeks as public relations director at Atlanta’s Four Seasons Hotel, Marsha Middleton hired a cleaning service to reduce hassles at home. But in the past year, she’s gone through five cleaners. One swore she could iron, Middleton says, but “when I said, ‘This is what needs to be ironed,’ she started shaking like a leaf.

“The first time’s going to cost you.”

The average price range for a service to clean a four-bedroom, three-bath home every two weeks is $80 to $125, according to industry experts. If you’ve never used a service before, however, an agency may insist on an initial “deep clean” of your house. That can mean wiping down the inside of a refrigerator instead of just the handle, or moving a couch to vacuum underneath it. That can jack up the price by two to three times the typical fee.

“We don’t really know our own employees.”

Consumers typically leave their key — and their otherwise unoccupied home — in the hands of housekeepers on the day of a scheduled cleaning. But not all consumers are keen to do so. Horror stories, such as the one about a San Francisco-area woman who was stabbed to death a few years ago by a carpet cleaner, only compound those anxieties. How can you feel comfortable about who’s entering your home? First, make sure the agency has cross-checked a worker’s documentation to verify his or her true identity. Then, at a minimum, confirm that the company runs background checks to look for felony and misdemeanor convictions for the past seven years. It also helps if an agency reviews each applicant’s credit history, as well as prior employment and previous judgments against him or her.


Tips and Tricks for House Cleaning

You want your home to look its best when friends and family come to visit, but keeping on top of house cleaning can be difficult. With a busy lifestyle, you may struggle to find the time. Even if you do manage to clean regularly, you may not be giving your home the deep clean that it needs. You might be using the wrong cleaning supplies and actually making things worse.

Kitchen Sink

It’s no secret that your kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your home. Microbiology experts have found that there is a massive amount of e. Coli and other potentially harmful bacteria in most sinks.


If you cook regularly, you probably have a stain or two on your stovetop. You also likely have areas with burnt-in grime. While you might ignore this during regular house cleaning, it can be a problem if you have company coming. It can also become a problem during move out cleaning. To remove char from your stovetop, try using baking soda to scrub the problem spots. This will help remove the char more easily. The next step is to clean the metal pieces of your stove. First, fill your sink with hot water and dish soap. Next, place the metal parts into your sink. Now here’s the trick, add a dryer sheet to the water and let the metal parts soak for an hour. This will help remove the char. Finally, wipe clean and dry.

Your Bed

You spend a third of your life in bed, so you want it to be as clean as possible. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get behind on this house cleaning task. You may not wash your sheets as often as you should and you may not even know how to clean your mattress. First off, you should have a regular schedule for sheet-washing. You can keep your mattress fresh by using baking soda. Cover the mattress with baking soda, allow it to sit, and then vacuum it off. This increases freshness without the need to buy expensive cleaning supplies.


Bathrooms can be notoriously dirty, yet often we neglect to clean this area as thoroughly as we should. You probably clean the bathrooms in your home regularly, but how often do they get a deep clean?


tips for spring cleaning this year (since coronavirus has you quarantined at home, anyway)

OK, so maybe it would take more than a spoonful of sugar to entice you to scrub your toilet bowl. But these five tips should help make spring cleaning tasks in the time of coronavirus quarantines less dread-inducing and more of a piece of cake. You (and maybe your family or roommates) are at home more than usual right now – might as well do something rewarding with all that time

Take advantage of having more time on your hands

Getting started with an annual cleaning project can be daunting: Where do you even start?

“We’re in the unique position right now where you don’t have to worry about getting it all done and running out and taking care of the other things you generally have going on,” Maker says. “This really is kind of a rare and unique opportunity to really take your time with things and spread it out … (Feel) encouraged by the fact that you do have the time, so you can take on some of those projects you would otherwise shun for more exciting things.”

Here’s the order Maker suggests:

Sweep the patio, walkways, clean exterior windows, light fixtures and patio furniture.

Wash interior windows (this is a good one to get the kids to help with).

Clean out closets, cupboards and the pantry.

Change filters, check furnace, carbon monoxide and smoke detector systems.

Deep-clean appliances and under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.