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Whether you are moving a few large filing cabinets or an entire file room, it’s important to have a plan in place to get your records from one place to another in an orderly fashion.

If you have filing systems that are not permanent fixtures in your building, many people just lock up the drawers and move the filled cabinets, but these can be very heavy and this doesn’t keep your items from being jarred or jostled around in transit, which means loosely packed hanging files can easily fall or spill within the drawers.

Other times, business owners find themselves purchasing bankers boxes, loading them up with all the files and then sorting and reorganizing the files at their new building, a task that can take a significant amount of time.

Internal File Relocation

This is ideal for office moves, relocating active records to archive storage facilities and more. Whether you’re relocating files to a new office, or from one storage area or warehouse to another, our trained and insured staff is here to help.

File Relocation services are available for a variety of organizations including:

  • Businesses and professional services companies
  • Libraries and Archival Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Healthcare Facilities and more

External File Relocations

If your company is looking to relocate files off-site and out of your active file storage areas, Augusta Data Storage will pick up files for secure transport and refiling at your new location. Additionally, we offer secure off-site storage solutions in our warehouse facility.


Why Secure Records Moving Matters

Your daily operations have internal procedures in place to safeguard the identities of your company, your employees, and your clientele. Whenever you move a workplace, these procedures move from the window, especially when you have confidential records being removed from secured storage closets and file rooms. Bear in mind that your business is ultimately responsible for those records throughout the move. Should they’re lost or stolen, your company may suffer from significant losses due to theft or, worse, a client’s identity theft. Appropriate preparation and using a professional workplace is the sole means to mitigate those risks.


For those who haven’t been keeping track of your records that are confidential, it’s vital to bring a thorough inventory as soon as possible. Doing a listing enables you to choose which records you must move to the new office, which files may be transferred to storage, and then records can be destroyed. Taking an inventory helps you not just save costs-since you’re simply moving the records you need-but also can help limit the chance associated with moving records that are confidential. Create a detailed inventory of each and every album, then schedule the records you’re able to remove for secure shredding. Bear in mind that lots of records will need to be kept forever based on your industry as well as also the kinds of records you’re required to keep.


A secure chain-of-custody is the sole means to guard your files along with your company during your office relocation. This entails employing multiple safety checks, including:

  • Using seals to shut off records
  • Meticulous tracking processes
  • Limiting Use of the records to one employee
  • After all regulatory compliance requirements for secure Chain of Custody moves


The Office Moving Process

Typically, companies appoint a manager to oversee the moving project. This leader assumes command of all issues related to the office relocation efforts. A moving coordinator from the moving company works directly with this manager to arrange the details of the move.

In most cases a standard office moving procedure works well:

  • Quote: Once you contact Great Guys, we’ll put you in touch with local moving companies who can service your move. These office moving specialists typically provide a moving coordinator to discuss your needs and provide an estimate for services.
  • Walkthrough: After the initial phone call or email exchange, the moving coordinator will contact your point person to schedule a walkthrough. During this walkthrough, the coordinator visually inspects both locations with the manager from your office. The coordinator makes a note of any unique challenges that may arise during the relocation and ensures everyone understands any specific needs. For example, the coordinator will jot down details about freight elevator availability and usage restrictions, the desired floor plan, and timeline for the move. Together, you’ll make sure the logistics are ironed out to help minimize the disruption to your daily course of business.
  • Packing: Either employees or movers break down and pack up workstations and equipment. Most companies prefer employees pack the contents of their desks and ask the movers to drop off pre-labeled crates or boxes at each cubicle or office for employees to use. Employees pack these a day or two before the move; then the moving company transfers the crate to the assigned desk at the new office. On the day of the move, the movers will begin preparing and packing all furniture, cubicles, desks, and other office equipment. Some commercial movers even have a crew dedicated to packing your electronics, computers and IT systems.
  • Labeling: Movers tag boxes and furniture with labels that correspond to areas on the new office floor plan. This system allows for organization and easy sorting and set-up at the destination.
  • Moving: The movers physically haul your boxes, furniture, and equipment to your new office using state-of-the-art moving equipment. Most office movers will arrange to move things after business hours – either overnight or over the weekend – to keep disruptions to a minimum.
  • Unpacking: From rebuilding cubicles to setting out boxes at each employee’s desk, movers handle the setup to get your employees back to work as soon as possible. Specialized moving crews may even help get the phone lines and IT infrastructure back up and running.



Building to Building Relocation Services:

No matter how big or small your office is, professional office movers have the perfect plan, strategy, and equipment to get the job done.

The ability to perform local and long distance moves almost anywhere.

Internal relocation services:

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a single office that needs to be shifted, or even an entire floor set up elsewhere, professional movers can work with your company to get it completed.

Receive Assistance with planning and phasing of internal moves


  • Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture during a location move, which includes shelves, desks, conference tables and plenty more.
  • Re-configuration of cubicles during an office move.
  • Wall-mounting services
  • Packing and unpacking services for libraries, file rooms, etc.

With these great services just a call away, there is no reason why you should not hire Able Moving & Storage for your business relocation. When you work with our experienced and knowledgeable office movers, you are working with highly trained professionals that have the proper equipment suited for all kinds of situations.


Boxless Office Moving

Boxless moving is really a brand new fad in file room relocations. Even the best office movers use a boxless system which involves specially designed gondolas (essentially secure book-shelves on wheels) in the place of conventional file boxes. All these gondolas may be loaded even more quickly than conventional boxes, in addition to maintain files in order during transport. Businesses do not need to waste time looking for boxes and by hand placing files back in order. Everything is stored and proceeded because it’d be on the shelves at the office. A boxless move empowers your company :

  • Safe all of private documents before, during, and after your office proceed
  • Save on time and reduce the frustration associated with the older way of transferring file chambers, and Reduce the amount of downtime Brought on by the move
  • Save on the cost of transferring, as You won’t require boxes or personnel to spend hours (or days, depending on how big your own office) unloading and loading boxes

Box less relocation handled by professional office movers really are simple, fast, cheap, and hassle-free. Choosing a reputable file room moving company like Admiral exemptions ensures minimum downtime, maximum security, and the least amount of liability from the approach.

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Reasons you should hire a professional packing service

The main advantage of using professional packers is the options that are availed to you. You can either choose to let the professionals take care of everything or hire them to only take care of specific items like pianos or super heavy appliances.


The answer to that question is always going to be a ‘Yes.’ It is no hidden fact that you can pack and move all by yourself too. Thanks to all the packaging utilities available easily in the market, you might think that it is easy to DIY the whole procedure. However, there are professional Bay Area packing services available for a reason. You might find all the supplies easily, but how do you go about it?

Here are a few reasons we think you should consider calling in the professionals;

There is the provision of packing supplies

While moving, safety is one of the most important factors to be considered. The benefit to hiring professionals is that they bring along their packing materials such as new moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, markers and anything else that will be required to facilitate the moving process. The materials come in adequate supplies so you will not have to worry about them running out before the work is completed.



There are various risks involved if you do not seek help from professional packing services for your needs:

  • It is very time-consuming to manage it all by yourself. Bay Area packing services have a team that handles the procedure quickly and efficiently.
  • You are liable for your stuff. All the damages are upon you, and no insurance cover is there for anything.
  • Improper packaging will be there as you are no expert in the field!



As mentioned above, the stress of a move is no joke. There can be an overwhelming number of things that need to be done before settling down in a new home. It would make sense for people to wish that they could make clones of themselves just so they can get everything done before the move! In a sense, our packing service can act as your clones. Our professional movers will come in and pack up your stuff — no problem, no stress.

The amount of time this frees up for you can make a huge difference. It can open up time on your schedule to run other errands for the move, from going to the post office to meeting with the real estate agents. This is an important consideration for people when thinking about the cost of a moving company. For a lot of people, the need for packing might require them to miss work, which is money out of their pockets. The ability to stay at work while we do the packing can end up saving you money in the long-run. Saving money or not, it will certainly save you lots of time.


Movers and packers are exponentially faster than you and your buddies.

Whether they’re loading up furniture or packing boxes, moving crews are efficient. It’s what they do, day-in and day-out.

Grabbing a couple of friends, on the other hand, can make your move take days. And that’s if you can get help at all. Most people find that their friends suddenly have “important plans” once your moving day actually rolls around and very few are available over the several weeks it takes to help pack everything you own.

Professional movers are fast and reliable. Depending on your house size, professional packers can have you in the truck and on the road before you can find 100 boxes.


You Just Want to Sit Back and Relax

Why bother packing yourself when you can get someone to do it for you? Sometimes it’s all about convenience. When you know you’ve found the best moving and packing company, you know you can trust them with your belongings and you know you are in the right hands. When you get a full packing service, you basically don’t have to lift a single finger (except when you dial our phone number). You can sit back and relax, have a cup of coffee while your packing team carefully and professionally packs away your belongings. This is a good time to focus on things that are important or priority to you.